A demolition truck
A demolition truck

In addition, we can shape an area for landscaping, clear and grub trees, remove rocks, dig ponds of any size, build dikes, and excavate for water and sewer hookups. As a full-service excavating contractor we take the necessary precautions to ensure the successful and safe completion of any excavating project, including obtaining permits and locating underground utility lines prior to digging. At Timm’s Trucking & Excavating we take it upon ourselves to identify and avoid potential hazards. Contact us to see if we can assist with your next project

Our Equipment

Below is a partial list of the equipment we maintain.


  • Tandem Dump Trucks (11 yard capacity)
  • Tri-Axle Dump Trucks (12 yard capacity)
  • Truck Tractors with Bellys or End Dumps (18 yard capacity)
  • Quad Trucks (13 yard capacity)

Tandems and Tri-Axles can pull Pups for larger volume jobs. They also pull Tag Trailers for hauling our equipment or for hire.

Tractors can pull either Bellys or End dumps for large volume jobs. They also pull Lowboy Trailers for hauling our equipment or for hire.


  • Pup Trailers
  • Belly Dumps
  • End Dumps
  • Lowboy Trailers
  • Tag Trailers

We utilize our trailers for hauling all types of aggregate, topsoil and other materials as well as for hauling your equipment – forklifts, bobcats, etc.

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